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Energy Efficient Home — Bill Nye Way (“The Science Guy”)

by admin on 10:42 pm

tips for an energy efficient home

Remember Bill Nye the science Guy? Well if not, he was the host of a cheesy, but really cool science show for children. I just read an interesting article he wrote in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s about his energy efficient home and how he transferred it, so I figured I would forward some of the cool features to you all. So here goes a “green” house breakdown with Bill Nye:

“I have 18 solar panels, each about 3 feet by 4 feet.” He says this produces 8 kilowatt-hours of electricity each day in the winter and about 3 times that in the summer. This means that he can about power his house all night with the electricity he accrues during the day. “If nothing else, it’s just fun to get an “electrical service charge” of $16. “

He says his biggest, but more or less, most efficient investment was his windows which are double-pane, low-emissivity glass. Which is a fancy way of saying they don’t transfer temperatures quickly. Bill says they cost as much as a nice small car but at the same time he used his A/C less than five times last summer.

One of the smaller cheaper ways he makes his house more self-sustaining is by channeling his rain gutters into barrels and he collects the water to water his non-food plants. A very simple, yet effective way to conserve resources.

Along with his solar panels he has a solar water heater on his roof. This is a really ingenious addition! My brother-in-law uses this system of heating his water and he loves it…unless it’s overcast but of course there is a backup water heater.

I hope this helps start some ideas for your home to better conserve energy and water.

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